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Welcome to the ViPLab Documentation

Virtual Programming Laboratory (ViPLab)

The virtual programming lab ViPLab is a browser-based programming environment. It can be used in ILIAS which enables the execution of programming tasks in online tests. In combination with a management system for research data, like DaRUS, scientists can publicize their code together with their results, for others to try out and take a look at.


The documentation contains five main parts:


  • Support of the following Programming Languages:
    • C
    • ...
  • Execute
    • Docker-Containers
    • ...
  • Displaying the following File-Types in the Result:
    • VTU & VTK
    • JSON
    • CSV
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • ViPLab Graphics Formats
  • Specify whether a certain File-Type should be displayed in the Result
  • Configure Parameters using GUI-Elements, like
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio Buttons
    • Toggle Buttons
    • Sliders
    • Input Fields
    • Dropdowns
    • Editors
  • Show Two-Column-View or One-Column-View (Minimize / Maximize)
  • Download and Upload Backups