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Here you can find different possibilities to integrate ViPlab. You can take a look at these examples and either use them or create your own integration.

More will be added in the future...

Integration into ILIAS

ViPLab Architecture

ViPLab Architecture: ILIAS Plugin

Additional Components

ILIAS Plugin


Should the ILIAS Plugin be described, too?


Correct Link: ILIAS Plugin

Correction Server

The Correction Server is responsible for the correction of exercises.

Click here to find the code and more information.

Integration into a Research Management Software (like DaRUS)

ViPLab Architecture

ViPLab Architecture: Integration into DaRUS

Additional Components

DaRUS-ViPLab Extension: ViPLab-Connector - Integration into DaRUS

Landingpage out of DaRUS. It communicates with the Websocket API and starts the Frontend.