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System Status JSON Message

To inform frontend about computations in-preparation.

Example (informal)

System Status Message Example of Type 'info'
  "type": "system-status",
  "content": {
    "identifier" : "86165eea-14df-4a76-805a-09b21441cbf7",
    "version" : "3.0.0",
    "computation" : "4598393-95bf-409a-98a5-ee375982c3e",  // uuid of corresponding computation
    "status" : "info", // warning and error, 
    "timestamp" : "2022-04-21T18:21Z", // creation time of this message in ISO-8601
    "message" : "Docker container is starting"

System Status JSON Object

Key Value Type Opt / Must Description Comment
identifier string (uuid) must Unique System Status ID
version string must Version of the json specification used. The major version must match the version of the ComputationTask
computation string (uuid) must Identifier of the computation that is currently processed
status One of must "info": normal status update
"warning": An unexpected condition was detected during programming
"error": An error occured during computation
If the status is "error", the progress bar in the GUI is canceled and the computation can be run again using the run-button
timestamp ISO-8601 datetimeString must Timestamp when this status message is generated. Need for ordering of status messages
message string must Describes current state of computation For displaying messages in the progress bar in the GUI to keep the user updated